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October - December, 2012, LWVMZC Newsletter Articles

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Our League News

Co−President’s Message

This year the League Day weekend in Denver was wonderful for Chris and me. The drive to and from Cortez was exceptionally beautiful with fall foliage color! The east side of Wolf Creek Pass took the prize!

Calendar, October-December, 2012

The next few months of our planned activities


Make sure you check out the League’s Vote411.org website and follow the directions below. Or you can enter your information and try Vote411 on our website, lwvmontezuma.org.

Call for Advocates to be part of Legislative Action Committee

Sally Augden, LWVCO Board Member and Chair of LWVCO Legislative Action Committee emphasizes the need for Montezuma participation on the Committee.

Fracking Committee Needs You!

The Study’s Purpose: To investigate the impact of the practice of hydrofracturing for natural gas, oil and methane on the State of Colorado and its citizens, and to discern what public policies are in place or need to be in place for the activity.

Cortez Heart & Soul

Community Advisory Team Meeting and Work Session - Minutes

It’s League Membership Renewal Season

The LWVMZC Membership Drive is underway and we hope you will renew your membership. A letter regarding membership renewal and a list of “opportunities” for member involvement, will arrive in your “snail” mail box later this month. This next year will be a busy one and we’ll need your help and support to bring our community information about all of the election issues.

Membership Application and Renewal Form

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Our Board

Our Board for 2012 with contact information.

State and National

Toolkit for the Affordable Care Act: Resources for Public Education

Materials on the Affordable Care Act, its implementation in the states and benefits to individuals and small businesses are available from many sources. Additionally, there are knowledgeable individuals in Colorado who may be called upon to answer questions or make presentations to groups.

League Comments on Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Rule

LWVUS sent a range of comments to the Bureau of Land Management regarding a proposed rule that would regulate hydraulic fracturing on public land and Indian land.

League President Testifies on Capitol Hill on Voting Rights

On September 12, 2012, LWVUS President MacNamara testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “the Citizens United Court and the Continuing Importance of the Voting Rights Act.”

LWVUS on Environment
From President Elisabeth MacNamara

Defending the Clean Air Act: The League joined with the environmental community in sending two letters to the U.S. House of Representatives in defense of the Clean Air Act.

League Opposes H.R. 5912; Calls for Reform of Presidential Funding System    LWVUS Website

Vote No on Cole Bill H.R. 5912; Support H.R. 414 To Reform Presidential Funding System

Resolution Passed Regarding Citizen’s Advocacy Work

At National Convention, the following resolution was adopted. Here is our chance to commit and act on it.

On the Road: Colorado
September 25, 2012 | by Elisabeth MacNamara | Tags: Secretary of State Scott Gessler, election 2012, President’s Travel
    LWVUS Website

“At the end of last week, refreshed from a few short days at home in Georgia, I hit the road again this time on a two state swing starting in Colorado and wrapping up in Missouri. In Colorado, I continued to meet with our partner organizations...

Other News